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Programs, Inc.

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leaders in STEM!

November 2018

Multicultural Educational Programs was on the go, to Nimba. Liberia. The MEP program  visited the Rowena Arnold Christian School during mid-November,  the 15th and returning the 25th.

Amy Griffin, Director of International Tours, (Pictured below on right)  accompanied a team of five people from Union Park Baptist Church, the Liberian Life Chapel  and the Adel New Hope Church. They provided teacher training and brought new STEM materials to the school. Thank you for the donations through the Christian TV show with host Al Perez, Michelle Taylor-Frazier, Rowena Arnold, and Rev. Cornelius Martor, (all pictured above left to right ) and the amazing 

concert in April with  the great pianist and Pastor Michael Frazier,! About 200 children were served during the trip!

Michelle Taylor-Frazier, Founder MEP, and Amy Griffin hug after their fundraising concert in April. The concert was a fabulous event and blessing to the MEP program.