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February 2020

Celebrate Black History Month -Check out the STEM in the Box Kit for your School!

The Drake University STEM Hub in Des Moines, Iowa is now the home of the "From Dreams to Reality" Exhibit which features African American inventors. The exhibit offers 15 posters and has new outstanding hands on activities relating to science, technology, engineering and math. The exhibit is sponsored by a grant from the UPS and Frances Shloss Foundations. There is no cost to check out the exhibit materials. Please call the Drake University STEM Hub for more information with Lisa Morlock or the MEP office at 515-943-7075. Pictured below, 2nd right -Mike Arndt and other UPS Staff, Michelle L. Taylor Frazier, Steven Frazier and Dr. Sara Deery from the Drake University STEM Hub. UPS workers volunteered 50 hours during 2019! Thank you UPS!!!

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