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2018 Board Members

Rosamond Robinson, new board President 2018

Tucson, AZ

Rose, is a planner for the U.S. Forest Service, Coronado National Forest. She also serves as the Director of Biological & Natural Sciences.

Dayna Chandler, is a Success Case Manager with the Des Moines Public Schools, DM, Iowa.

Her four children have been exceptional MEP students. Dayna serves as our parent board member.

Dr. Janice Riley-Burt is a family practice M.D. in Nashville, TN. She is a new board member, but her and her husband have been long time sponsors of the MEP program.

Janice and her husband Dr. Rodney Burt, sponsored the new 2018, "Dr. Paula Mahone Visiting Doctors program in Nashville" for college students ready to think about medical school and wanting to visit an African American medical college. Janice and her husband are also mentors for college students who need advice about how to prepare for the challenging world of medicine.

Dr. Richard Salas,

Chief Diversity Officer

Multicultural Affairs,

Des Moines University

DMU has hosted the Hands on Health Exhibit at the Hispanic Festival and the Black History Month programming for MEP for many years.

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