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MEP Goes International

The MEP Program visits the Dominican Republic and begins a new science and engineering program in Liberia at the Rowena Arnold Christian School in Nimba.

Help support MEP to send science and engineering supplies to the Rowena Arnold School in Nimba, Liberia during the MEP annual concert fundraiser! This year it will be held in the late fall of 2019!

To become a co-sponsor, go to the contact page!

Pastor Cornelius Martor with the Life Chapel and members from the Church at Union Park, two retired teachers and the MEP program went to Liberia in December 2018 to work with 30 teachers the Rowena Arnold School and other surrounding schools. The teachers were trained, and the students were provided new science and engineering materials to work with. Below, Mr. Hall, science teacher, conducts a training with the teachers at the school.

Picture below, from the first MEP international trip in 2016 to the Dominican Republic with Amy Griffin, Director of International Tours, and her team, left. (Supplies for 90 children were sent).

Please donate for more supplies to the Rowena Christian School in Liberia and for Amy Griffin (pictured in the middle above) to travel to El Salvatore in December this year in 2019!

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