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STEM Career Days

STEM Career Days

MEP works with middle schools, high schools and colleges to provide STEM Career Days. These programs can offer a full range of components including a motivational keynote speaker, “hands on learning” exhibits and break out workshops. Each youth is surveyed for pre and post knowledge regarding the STEM topics highlighted. Programming is designed to showcase MEPs “Contributions of Latino’s In STEM”, Black Inventors "From Dreams to Reality" and "Hands on Health" with Dr. Paula Mahone exhibits. With all three exhibits there are over 32 tables for students to experience hands on activities.

Our breakout workshops offer ten workshops to choose from based on student interest. The workshops range from college requirements, to professionals in nursing, biological sciences, mechanical and industrial engineering, graphic art design to how to design a resume for scholarships, college interviews and internships.

The strength of MEP programming is the wide variety of choices that are offered and the freedom afforded the students to experience by their interests. MEP can bring this type of event to your school, campus or business. Please contact us at 515-259-9430 for more information.

“Most of the students had never experienced such a powerful day.” Their teachers were excited and hopeful saying “can we come again next year, will this program be offered again, we want to bring more students!” Molly Pippen and Sandy Supianoski, grant supervisor and program manager of Marshalltown Community College District, said “if they have the grant funding they would definitely have the STEM Career Day event back because it covered more than their normal career day program which the kids were tired of coming to.” 

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