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Jeremiah (Left) is funded his last year at Simpson

college at with a tee shirt sale! He is the MEP Young

Entrepreneur of the year! He wins a $1,000.00 scholarship for college this fall 2021 and this spring he graduated Cum Laude with a 3.65 Grade point average. His twin brother Nehemiah, (Right)  will be going to Physician school this fall 2022. Nehemiah with his mother. Dayna is a current MEP parent board member.

Erika , Grandview University (Social Work) full ride on a track scholarship. Erika attended and worked in the MEP program. She is a up and coming young woman of excellence. Erika's mother Tracy  was also a MEP parent board member. Her grade point average is 3.8 in her major and 3.7 over all. Erika wins a $1,000.00 scholarship for her  academic excellence.

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