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MEP prepares to send supplies to Liberia!

This year for the third, the MEP program raised money to send Amy Griffin, International Director of tours, purchase educational science and math supplies for the children. The Life Chapel team will leave for Liberia on November 15th, led by Pastor Cornelius Martor (blue Shirt) with volunteers Bob Hall (gray and black shirt) and Teresa Hall (Black shirt) Amy Griffin(green dress) and Ann Betner ( Pink Sweat shirt). The goal of this trip is to prepare the teachers, and work with local women on the Cassava Farm. Food raised on the farm will feed the children lunch each day and provide the women with a business income to make them self sufficient.

Pastor Martor, (right), wears one of the 300 school bags made for the children by the Union Park Baptist Church Womens Ministry. If you would like to donate to help a child to go to school please contact:

Pastor Cornelius Martor, Executive Director, Magkie Foundation at 515-661-0797.

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