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Black History Month 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa

This year's Black History Month in Des Moines, Iowa held two programs for students to particpate in.

At Des Moines University on Grand Ave, middle and high school students read their essays sharing the dreams of "What I Plan To Do With My Life".

Sponsors: UPS, NASA, United Airlines

Contributors: Denny Elwell Company, Des Moines Branch NAACP

Volunteer Team: Nationwide Insurance Company Employees

The After School STEAM Educational Day was held Wednesday, February 25th at Park Fair Mall, 100 E. Euclid.

Donald Pipkins, a retired Launch Engineer from the NASA Johnson Space Center, brought a ten foot pop up of the International Space Station and a mock shuttle for students to examine.

The "From Dreams to Reality" Exhibit was part of the morning program along with great workshops for middle and high school students. Workshops were offered in two sessions. It was a great learning experience with lots of hands on fun! 

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