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STEM in a Box

 MEP has a fantastic STEM in a Box program. Teachers can order The Black Inventors exhibits from the Drake STEM Hub located at Drake University, in Des Moines, Iowa. This is an exciting opportunity for entire school districts because the exhibit can go from school to school at a greatly reduced cost while still having all the key elements of the original exhibit. The exhibit is free to schools. The kick off for the exhibit was sponsored by the United Parcel Service Company -UPS! Plan and reserve your Black History Month Programming now! 


Take the following steps to reserve your exhibit today:

1. Call Dr. Sarah Deery at 515-271-2403.

2. Pick up the exhibit From the Drake University STEM Hub, in Des Moines, Iowa.

3.  Use the directions to set it up. The exhibit come with a curriculum.

4. When finished pack it up.

5. Make a appointment with Dr. Deery and deliver it off at their office.

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