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Educating Our Future

There she was working faithfully building her beautiful creations with building straws . She was a diligent one picking out the right colors to make her formations just the way she liked. As I watched her from a far something came into view that I hadn’t noticed during our class. No one was partnering with her she was doing it all by herself. I’d usually join a student ask if there was anything they wanted help with. Not with this one. She was definitely use to working hard by herself because she had to. The whole time in class I saw her working so hard I never noticed that she only had one and a half arms.

She was a reminder to me that anything is possible.

In another school we’ve made an area for our electrical kits. Now some of our students get frustrated quickly with this area. While others stay the course and get lost amongst the wires , speakers, light bulbs and more. Their faces scrunch up as they read the instructions. But when they see it all coming together they began to get excited. Then it happens. The sound comes from the speaker. The fan starts spinning and the light bulb comes on. The students smiles become electrified with joy.

Our program travels nationally and internationally. From preschools to colleges or on the dirt floor in a hut the reactions are the same. There is a sense of accomplishment. There is an extra light and wonder in their eyes. It says I can do more or learn more than I thought I could.

We have the privilege of educating our future. What I love about our STEM program specifically is that we don’t only stimulate the mind but we engage the soul. Creativity is released. Motor skills are improved. Teamwork simply happens and minds are open. This is why I do what I do. I believe in the gift of education. It can literally change lives forever. Our children are our future.

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