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STEM For All Ages

What is STEM?

Science. Technology.



Do you remember your teacher's saying ”You’ll use this everyday when your older?” Well, we actually do use STEM on a daily basis. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that when it come to Calculus. But when it comes to shopping I know about discounts.


What I love about STEM is that it's for all ages.


For the preschooler with colorful building blocks, it’s the first steps to structural engineering. Your favorite 9yr old who needs you to buy a couple more cases of glue to make some rather epic amounts of slime its science.

To the student who begs for just a little more screen time to code, it's technology.

Then there's the nephew who always wants to get in your purse and count all the change and dollars.

That is mathematics and possibly the beginning stages of an investment banker.


We want to encourage you to recognize all the STEM around you and share it with others. Encourage them to partake in it in a more intentional way. The next generations are running with it. They are shaping their future one STEM moment at a time. Dive in!


MEP.Inc is traveling all around the nation and other nations facilitating opportunities to dive in. If you are interested in having us come to your location please contact us. We would love to share about the many different exhibits and programs that we offer. As always don’t forget to take your daily dose of STEM.

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